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Olfa TS-1 cutter knife with 2 extra blades, with spring on the cutting edge

Olfa TS-1 cutter knife with 2 extra blades, with spring on the cutting edge

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Cutter OLFA TS-1 - 6mm | With 5 TSB-1 blades
OLFA's TS-1 cutting plotter only cuts the cover sheet, regardless of the user's force and pressure. The TS-1 cutting plotter cuts a variety of papers: from thin sheets of newspaper to thick magazine covers.

The cutting pressure can be continuously regulated thanks to the adjustment mechanism on the back of the handle. Simply hold the cutter like a pen and apply enough pressure to leave no gap between the blade and a sheet of paper while cutting.

The knife depth can be adjusted very precisely by limiting it to the thickness of the material to be cut. Makes work much easier, e.g. B. when attaching solar films, advertising markings or during masking or foiling work, or even when cutting adhesive vinyl attached to a window in order to remove it in strips...
The depth adjustment of the cutter allows a variety of pre-cuts on the liner (coating) of the adhesive film without damaging the film. Thanks to the depth adjustment of its blade, this cutter allows you to cut only the backing of your vinyl films. And of course you can also use it as a classic adhesive film cutter.
Medium depth cutter to cut only the film without splitting the liner, or on the contrary only the liner without cutting the film. A compact and versatile tool that also allows you to cut a photo from a magazine without cutting the pages underneath...
Particularly suitable for: art, creative hobbies, graphic design
Length: 103.5mm
Width: 184.5mm

Instructions for Use: It is recommended to make test cuts and adjust the cutting pressure to achieve the desired depth setting. It's always best to lay down a mat to avoid damaging the second sheet when testing.

Contents TS-1 Cutter incl. 2 extra blades per pack


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